November 12, 2013

Portal machining centre manufacturer, F Zimmermann GmbH, Denkendorf, which specialises in building 5-axis and 6-axis machines for producing large composite and aluminium components, has appointed Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools as its sole sales, commissioning and service agent in Britain and Ireland with effect from mid May 2011.

Geo Kingsbury’s managing director, Richard Kingsbury, commented, “It would be difficult to find a product line that dovetails better into our existing range of factored machining centres from Hermle and SHW, both of which are located in Baden-Württemberg, the same area of Southern Germany as Zimmermann.

“The new appointment launches us into the rapidly expanding composites sector and also into profiling of large aluminium structurals.

“It therefore allows us to increase our already significant presence in the aerospace industry with an expanded portfolio of production options for primes and their subcontract supply chain.”

Modelmaking and prototyping using a wide variety of materials from titanium and steel to plastic, foam and wood are further areas of Zimmermann’s expertise.

The company, which is wholly owned by its president, Rudolf Gaenzle and family, also markets Bokö bed-type milling machines following its acquisition of Bohner & Köhle Maschinenfabrik in 2000. More information may be found at


The latest Zimmermann 5-axis machining centres are equipped with an extra B-axis on the spindle head. 6-axis machining is said to speed cutting cycles, improve accuracy and avoid singularity errors in rotary axis movements.

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