May 6, 2014

Auto Turned Products (ATP), which specialises in manufacturing precision turned parts, presswork and assemblies for luxury vehicle builders like Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin, has ordered a second INDEX six-spindle CNC automatic turning machine from UK agent, Geo Kingsbury.

The first, for turn-milling parts from bar up to 32 mm diameter, was installed in 2012 and will pay for itself this year. The multi has the production capacity of typically four single-spindle CNC lathes, but in a much smaller footprint, and it needs only one setter / operator. The machine boosted output, cut labour costs and improved tool life dramatically, according to Vic Pais, CNC Production Engineer at ATP’s Round Spinney factory, near Northampton.

He said that the latest INDEX multi, a 40 mm bar capacity MS40, is being purchased to extend the productivity advantages to larger diameter components, address specific new projects and cope with an overall increase in demand for turned parts from the automotive sector.

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