A manufacturer of grinding machines and processes, Haas sets the bar for innovation, with over 60% of its products and processes developed in the last three years. A no-compromise attitude to quality is supported by the in-house manufacture of not only the machines but also central elements such as grinding spindles, linear and rotary CNC axes at its factory in Trossingen, Germany. Driven by perfection and a close attention to detail, Haas is passionate about delivering solutions that offer the perfect grinding process, combining high precision and fast production speeds with automation to deliver maximum economy. Haas machines are represented throughout industry, particularly in the aerospace, medical and precision-tool manufacturing sectors where highly sophisticated manufacturing processes call for increasing complexity.

At Haas, our focus on support goes beyond our machines to finding the perfect solution for each customer. Geo Kingsbury’s service ethos and focus on combining the right people, the right skills and products perfectly complements our way of thinking.

Thomas Bader, Member of the Board, Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH.